Russian and Belarusian participants at Tiomila - this applies

Questions have been raised about what applies to Russian and Belarusian participants in Swedish competitions in general and Tiomila in particular. Here is an update from SOFT and Tiomila.

The Swedish Orienteering Federation was one of several countries that sent a letter to the IOF to distance themselves from what is happening in Ukraine and to exclude Russia and Belarus as member countries of the IOF (Link to previous news).

Regarding Sweden, SOFT communicated on March 8 what applies to Swedish competitions and why, and these still applies. Link to news here.

In short, the following applies to participation in Swedish competitions, including Tiomila:

  1. The participation of Russian and Belarusian orienteering clubs are not permitted.
  2. That Russian and Belarusian individuals who compete for Swedish or other club teams outside Russia and Belarus are allowed to participate if the individual was a member of the club before 4 March 2022.
  3. The clubs are responsible for ensuring that SOFT's decisions are followed. It is the club that, based on the situation, specific conditions for the club and the individuals, decide whether they want to include participants from Russia and Belarus. It is important that the decision is anchored in the club.

We want to take the opportunity and wish all teams good luck this weekend! We are happy that we do not have to wait any longer and that we get to experience a Tiomila weekend again!

Susanne Maarup, Förbundschef Svenska Orienteringsförbundet
Martina Sundberg, OrdförandeTiomilaföreningen

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