Tiomila Upplands-Bro retains five percent of registration fees

The Swedish Sports Confederation has last week made the decision to allocate funding,  SEK 778 000  to the canceled Tiomila event, May 2nd- 3rd in Upplands Bro. 

This means that Tiomila, Upplands-Bro  will be able to refund 95 % of total prepaid registration fees to clubs and teams.  

As previously informed, 10MILA, 2nd/3rd May, 2020 was canceled due to the risks of transmission of Covid-19 virus but also ensuring compliance with regulatory decisions. Since May there have been lots of questions about paid registration fees and other fees associated to the accommodation and other services. 

Information to teams and clubs, June 22

Accordingly SEK 140 000:- will be retained, approx 5 percent of the registration fees of Tiomilakavlen and the Womens relay. The Youth relay will fully be refunded.

No license fee will be required from the Tiomila association and no event fee will be required from Svenska Orienterings förbundet.  

Details about refunds will be published before end of this week. 

/ Tiomila association

Last Updated: Monday, 22 June 2020 22:53