Farum Tisvilde OK is coming to Idre Fjäll

On the Danish Constitution Day the 5th of June we are happy to see more registrations, not that many but very interesting clubs, Farum Tisvilde from Denmark is one of them.

The Danish club Farum Tisvilde OK have entered one team in Tiomilabudkavlen and two teams in the Women relay. We are really happy to welcome our Danish friends to 10MILA 2020 Idre Fjäll.

DYK. Farum Tisvilde OK is the best Dabish club in Tiomilabudkavlen history. They became 5th at 10MILA 2000 in Herrökna/Solbacka. It is the best performance ever by a Danish team in Tiomilabudkavlen. On the other hand, Pan-Århus is the best woman Danish team ever with two victories, 2014 in Eksjö and 2016 in Falun/Lugnet. It will be interesting to see how the Danish team will handle the terrain at Idre Fjäll in the end of September 2020 and 10MILA.




Last Updated: Saturday, 06 June 2020 07:50